2019 Stitching Video
Chicago Blackhawks
Well, this was one project off the bucket list. I was super lucky for the amazing team at Daily Planet Productions to bring me in for this project and had an absolute blast creating the supporting animations for the Chicago Blackhawks' new orchard video highlighting the history of the franchise on the United Center new scoreboard that has 8,600 square feet of LED displays. Designing and animating for such a monstrous canvas was a challenge, but seeing it up on those screens above the ice was more than worth it. Unfortunately, the season was cut short, due to the pandemic, so it was only shown for a fraction of the season, but hopefully this will be playing again in the U.C. and for many years to come.

Project Roles:
*Aux Boards and Display Rings Only
Reel Cut Roles
Producer: Sara Wolfe, Brad Moore
Artistic/Creative Director: Jon Adler
Main Video (Center Board):
Editing: Sara Evans
Animation, Texturing, Rendering, Lighting Compositing: Dan Moore, Mike Pindara, Greg Smith, Zach Bailey, Jon Adler

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