Rooted: Jewish Values Run Deep
What a great project! I got to work with the Chicago based Documentary Film production company Kindling Group to produce some animated sequences and the graphics package for the Avi Chai Foundation, which was spending down its endowment. The series focused on Jewish values and how they relate to and  are woven into modern day life. The series can be viewed here in its entirety. Each episode contained an animated sequence that introduced the concepts, teachings, and themes explored throughout the episode. The clip above is from one the segments I animated. I also lead the Art Direction, and worked with an extremely talented Motion Designer Mike Pindara to help get some of the other sequences and assets out the door. 

Art Direction
Additional Styleframes
Producer: Carina Nieto
Director: Danny Alpert
Editor: Tim Fryett
Animation & Design: Pete DiCamillo, Mike Pindara
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